Problems Facing by Enterprise

Enterprises are facing the chances and challenge of international market after China has joined the WTO. The styles of order is becoming more diversified but the productivity is less which lead to more problems faced by the OEM and ODM enterprises especially in production line and capacity arrangement.
Manufacturing (especially for OEM) is in the generation of petty profit while cost control and proficiency has become the competitive advantage.
“WEEE” and “RoHS” instructed by the European Union (EU) producers have to include testing report, suppliers’ certifier and material declaration of formation (MDF) etc. which brings heavy work load.
Frequent change of production plan makes urgent ordering difficult.
Globalization and production diversification in different places of production causes conformation of data and suggestion given promptly.
Delay delivery; low rate of on-schedule delivery
How to decrease expired/wasted material ratio
How to manage uneven suppliers
How to quickly react and response the market which has exceed ability of the old ERP system


We Know that You Do Not Want to Put Excess Time & Resources on Software


Generally, it takes half of the time to canalize TurboERP/Ultimate comparing to other similar products. Through the organized application progress, our clients can enjoy the benefits (e.g. lowering of stock, standardizing of production procedure, decreasing manual work load) within a short period of time to increase the scale of production effects.

There is a problem in front of the manufacturers when they want to lower the cost or planning the operation process which is: How can we orderly manage the company? No matter building a factory or printing documents in an office, simplifying the procedure and improving the proficiency will be the common goal for all company which needs high quality resource management tools as assistant. TurboERP/Ultimate can help manufacturing enterprises in simplifying the operation process, prevent unnecessary cost and improve the competitiveness. Apart from the above benefits, the trim system framework of TurboERP/Ultimate allows company to use “Supply Chain” to lower the stock and shorten the lead-in period to meet the need of clients.