Admin Set-up



System Objectives

Enterprise environment is becoming increasingly complex and changeable. International and multi-product production base in the division has become increasingly widespread. Information management system no longer collected the information-based, and should be able to put forward reasonable proposals will make the most appropriate plan. According to limited production capacity planning simulation, rapid computation, the results in accordance with the sales storage resources, reducing the cost considerations, suitable arrangements of the plan. PRD region, most of the enterprises are receiving orders in production mode, which is characterized by multi-less single, short product life cycles, Product Engineering Change is frequently used, a small amount of diverse products, production lines and production arrangements more difficult. How to use the computer system to do limited production capacity of the production arrangements and plans, and in a number of objective conditions for the restrictions, assessment is used to simulate the proposal to shorten the delivery of orders. MRP because traditional materials plan could demand timely response for the production and material conditions, in the calculation of net demand for materials and production lead time is also spent a surprising amount of human time, so against orders enterprises improve operating efficiently is not the old ERP system development targets. 

The latest Express Enterprise Resource Management System Turbo ERP / Ultimate. Operators in the materials available on traditional integrated MRP or expected, can be mixed adoption orders Material Requirements Project (ORP) operator. The systems can make enterprises in general, the management staff is not required to have the computer expertise, not to change the existing operational procedures, only by reading the manual system, should be the daily work of computerization, and then save labor, the goal of enhancing efficiency. 16 system modules : "Management Data Set-up", "Basic Information Set-up", "Inventory Control", "Sales Control", "Purchase Control", "Quality Control", "Product Structure Control", "Master Production Schedule Control", "Material Requirement Plan Control", "Order/Sub-contract Control", "Routing Process Control", "Cost Calculation Control", "A/R Control", "A/P Control", and "General Ledger Control"; and over 700 programs and statements for selection.

System Functions

The system uses UniCode ISO universal standard code allowing users to input Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages concurrently. It does not require Hong Kong and China to use the same language of MS Windows.
There are 2 types of operation method, local LAN network and remote N-tier Socket Server in which remote operation for Hong Kong and China is much better than using the traditional 2-tier method ("Windows Terminal Services" or "Citrix Meta Frame") which use more resources from the server.
Provides auto-monitoring system. Users can pre-set the time schedules. The system auto-extract information needed to be monitored. For example, "Inventory falls below the safety stock level", "Incomplete & overdue work order", " Savings deposit lower than $100,000" etc. The system can send these messages by e-mail or SMS to corresponding users.
Provides user information and pasword maintenance process. System will verify user code and password when they login to the system. Users can change their own password after login to the system to avoid other users unauthorized login.
System can verify users access rights to input, enquiry, change delete, preview and printing, etc. when using any of the above functions.
Enterprises have closer business relationship with vendors and customers, therefore they must ensure effective communications. However, the existing ERP systems cannot ensure the security of inoframtion sharing. Our system provides not only program security functions but also informaiton security functions. System allows a user to set the access rights of other users regarding the information security of information input. For example, other users without the authority to read the information cannot read the information imput by himself thus confidential information will not be exposed.
Provides "Backend printing and execution" function. This means when the users are printing a huge number of copies of documents or executing MRP operation, the system will pass the job to the backend server. Thus such operations will not occupy the memory of the users computer. The work schedule wont be delayed by this function and users can get the printing or operation results from the backend server again when needed.
There are 2 presentations of the menu, Microsoft Outlook style and pulldown style. The operation method is similar to that of using MS Office. Users need not to learn a new style. The ssytem also provides the operation stle of a workflow. Users click on the icon and the function can be accessed.
Font size and colour of all layout can be designed by users.
Remarks field is in RTF format, the fonts size and colour can be changed, and under-lined. This is suitable for aesthetic designed invoices.
For printing reports, users can change the printing of column, column width, font size and colour, and printing sequence and the system will save up the changes.