Basic Information Set-up



Purpose of the System

This module can control the sharing of basic information among each module so as to enhance the integration of information for better time management and duplication of information.

Functions of the System

Due to multi-company structure, the company basic information such as company name, telephone number, tax detail etc. can be defined in advance so that the reports header or other tax affairs can include such information.
The local LAN network and remote N-tier Socket Server for Hong Kong and China provided by this system is much better than using the traditional 2-tier method ("Windows Terminal Services" or "Citrix Meta Frame") which use more resources from the server.
Provides currency exchange rate control, can record the information regarding the currencies and the respective daily buy rate and sell rate, for the exchange rate field in documents.
Users can plan the schedule for one whole year due to the factory and bank holiday off-date setting for the calculation of each module (excluding the off date).
Provides remark maintenance. Users can choose the remark to be entered in the document and save as reference. The system adopts RTF and Unicode, allowing to imput Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages simultaneously. Font size can be changed, undelined and coloured which is suitable for users from Hong Kong, China, Japan, and other countries.
Department Code can be defined for sales analysis.
Staff basic information and grouping can be defined and be recorded in documents.
Provide job duty settings. When issuing the document, system will verify the job duty of the staff for example purchase, sales, accounts, production managmenet, and materials control user) before allowing to access.
Provides multi-factory details input. System can choose to calculate materials demand for different factories in the MRP module.
Provides warehouse details input to define the warehouse nature. For example, whether to include MRP in the supply quantity; whether to include the month end cost calculation; and whether to control the negative stock during stock-out.
Provides zone/bin details input of warehouse, so as to locate the zone/bin for item storage.
Unify the coding of operation in the routing processes for all related modules.
Provides coding of rules for item code, custoemr and vender code. System can auto-generate the meaningful item/customer/vender code.
Provide "Payment Terms Setting". For example, daily statement, monthly statement, statement date defined by user, early oayment discount, etc, for both customer and vendor transactions.
Provides work center details input which includes daily standard labour capacity, standard labour rate and standard labour cost, machines, and production cost.