Sales Module



System objective

Sales of enterprise production and business activities of the lead, the operation of enterprises are an important link, sales management is the direct sales income. It is divided into three parts: sales project management, sales activity management, sales outcome management. Sales Management System is an instant management to enterprise’s sales operation process, it will help the enterprises’ sales team to complete the customer management, line of credit control, “different customers different prices” control, “different amounts for different price” management, price license provision, marketing planning and planning management, data management, sales contract management, delivery or return of goods management, auto quotations generate to sales contracts, sales contract generate to delivery notes etc.; support a series of sales management affairs such as group shipment, inventory inquiry, price inquiry, the sales process control and statistical analysis, helping customers to reduce the time to access operational information and raise the clearance rate.

In addition to providing instant efficient billing operation and integrity data of analysis report, the workflow is also as same as manual operation. The system can increase efficiency and saving artificial targets of general business management by importing "Sales Management System" into computer operations without changing the work flow.

System Functions

Each customer can set unlimited number of address and contact, multi category, multi-group, payment method of daily statement, monthly statement or specific date, tax type, multi-currency, customized field, language of invoices, language of printing invoices, approval status of customer and sales order release method (by mail, fax, e-mail or EDI). The system also allows importing file hyperlink of different formats, e.g. Word, Excel, Coral Draw etc. Moreover, calculation of "credit grading" by customers overdue payment percentage is carried out automatically. Combined with the customer ranking by sales amount and calculation of sales ratio by "Customer ABC Analysis Report", the importance of each customer can be analyzed. Furthermore, customer can also be set as vendor for contact accounts.
To purchase the material to provide various suppliers product serial number, the different purchasing price, the component valuation, including tax, not including tax price and recent purchasing price record. By effective date, expiry date control, in order to help convenient referral for material purchase.
For the same material code provided by different vendors, there is special verification management which can be kept in Vendor Material Specific Inspection.

Before the operation of the system, users can not fully input all unit price information. This is because, once the computer starts operation, the price information can be updated automatically when there is price input in quotation, purchase order or good receiving note.

Allows setting prefix codes for documents, users can have their own settings according to their preferences. They can also set the access right of other users of the prefix codes to avoid misuse of documents. The system also allows setting 5-level approval and voiding. This can be divided into 2 approval method - Parallel approval and approve by level, to suit the need of different approval requirements of invoices. System can auto send out e-mail or SMS to the corresponding users for approval alter each function processed.
Create purchase order to large amount of material and delivery dates for purchase order. This can also be auto-created while calculating MRP.

The appointed vendor and purchase amount on the draft of purchase order can be found in Purchase Requisition according to detail information while other information (e.g. currency, exchange rate, tax rate, unit price, delivery date, and payment type) can be input later to create formal purchase order.

Good receiving information can be built. Apart from purchase quantity or borrowing quantity; groups delivery, pass quantity, poor return quantity, deduction amount, bill quantity are also allowed to become A/P information. Users can also carry out accept, reject and special purchase through AQL quality control.

May establish the inventory to return the material, processing forecited “the warehousing retrocede” in the practice demand.
Users can post sales invoice and goods return note information to accounts receivable and do not need to input again in the A/P module.
Users can check real time customer transaction, sales order outstanding, enquire the shipment date and the transaction history to enable the salesmen to have a better control on shipment date and avoiding delay.
The system can operate directly with the inventory control module, accounts receivable module, general ledger module, production module and cash module. The integration of the system brings the greatest satisfaction and effectiveness.