Accounts Receivable (A/R)



System Objectives

A/R control is one of the most important part in modern enterprise as it directly affect the turnover of capital. Turbo ERP A/R System convenience users in controlling customers accounts receivable and prevent bad debt by controlling credit limit. Some of the outstanding functions of Turbo ERP A/R System are as follow: discounts for early payment, cash allowance, paying deposit, etc. At the same time, users can raise the prompt and increase the cash turnover by matching the easy operation and strong accounting analysis reports.

System Functions

Provides multi-currency in accounts receivable operation.
Allows setting prefix codes for invoices. Users can have their own setting according to their preferences. They can also set the access right of other users of the prefix codes to avoid misuse of invoices. System also allows setting 5-level approval and voiding. It can be divided into 2 approval methods - parallel approval and approve by level to suit the need of different approval requirements of invoices. System can auto-send out e-mail or SMS to the corresponding users for approval after each function proccessed.
Provides setting of each customers fixed settlement day for easy execution of settlement and payment receive.
There are different types of payment provided.
Provides sales control by cash.
Allows operation of pre-payment by customers.
Provides control function of temporary payment.
Payment receipt can either contra by assigning or auto-allocation.
Provides partial payment and multi-invoice payment records.
If the payment is made by cheque, the information of cheque can be recorded which will be passed to the Cash Module and be integrated with the information and be updated.
Provides accounts receivable aging report analyzed by customer or salesman for analyzing accounts movement and condition of being idle.
Provides printing reports of customer settlement history, analyzing customers settlement details to minimize the time and effort for manual checking.
Provides auto-receipt-generation by presetting the date of auto-settlement; either settling all invoices or by customer, while different receipts for different prefix codes.
Provides monthly accounts receivable statement which can accurately analyze the monthly amounts receivable from each customer for each month.
Provides auto-adjustment of currency exchange rates of amount receivable at the end of each month. Users can print out such report and analyze the profit or loss due to currency exchange rates so as to decide whether to do the revaluation.
Provides accounts receivable and accounts payable contra settlement.