General Ledger



System Objectives

Turbo ERP General Ledger System is in the core of the financial structure. All financial information will be transported to the general ledger which records all transactions of the business and reflects the financial situation and outcome of the operation. Turbo ERP general ledger system provides functions of voucher control, personal transaction control, department control, case adjustment control, accounts control, budget control, foreign currency exchange error control, and instant check of subject balance, etc. Moreover, auto-completion of exchange profit/loss, trial balance, reconciliation statement and settling account are also provided. Finally the system will match with Turbo ERP simple and convenient operation to provide reliable, accurate, comparative, comprehensive, and promptly functions.

System Functions

Users can set up the numbering of account chart by their own preferences. They can define the account code structure up to five levels. System can handle multiple currencies per account.
Optional 5-level analysis code can be modified and expanded. This supports multi-divisions, departments and job costing.
Handle up to 99 years of transactions without doing year-end report.
Support 99 accounting periods per fiscal year with user-defined period start date and end date.
Can concurrently manage more than one company account or other accounts.
Users can set prefix codes for vouchers in any style they like. They can also set the access right of other users of the prefix codes to avoid misuse of vouchers. System also allows setting 5-level approval and voiding. It can be divided into 2 approval methods - parallel approval and approve by level to suit the need of different approval requirements of invoices. System can auto-send our e-mail or SMS to the corresponding users for approval after each function processed.
Allows setting different types of vouchers. For example cash receivable voucher, cash payable voucher, transfer voucher, cash transfer voucher and other vouchers.
Data is automatically imported from related invoices, payments and stock transactions.
Standard and audit adjustment journals can be created.
Recurring and reversing journals can be created.
Provides real-time and batch posting method.
Provides un-post function for amendment.
Provides voucher, journal list, general ledger, sub-ledger, trial balance, profit and lost, balance sheet, financial analysis report and audit adjustment report.
All financial reports can be previewed before doing posting function.
Convenient budgeting for profit and loss accounts.
Optional flexible report generator enables users to define financial statement which may contain actual, budgeted, last year, last month or analysis figures.
Departments and companies consolidation.
Provides bank reconciliation function.
Multi-level drill down account enquiry which allows users to see all ledgers, current balance, voucher detail and other information.