Master Production Schedule


System Objectives

Master Production Schedule (MPS) is an important part. It plans to undertake marketing, customer orders, production planning needs, and further refinement, answered the main planning of production materials to the production numbers, when production. 

TURBO MPS modules can carry out effective implementation of multi-plant scheduling, simulation of the single payment, and provide a wide range of planning simulation functions, from sales forecasting, the actual orders, production planning, master production scheduling, production payment plan promises to assist the rapid and effective development of the manufacturing industry, the production plan. and the production planned for the simulation analysis in order to assess its feasibility, substantial enhancement of the effectiveness of production, solve the staff to rely on the experience of artificial rules or temporary assignments as a result of the work assigned disorder, procurement or production of the scene cannot be prepared in advance and other problems, and also to provide a strong commitment to sales basis.

System Functions

The system can define MPS priority sequence according to the manufacturing formations, from different priority sequences to simulate the best MPS method.
Plan the items to be manufactured according to the sales order and sales plan. Users can recall the original sales order to compare whether the delivery date is met.
Can follow the resource bottleneck and auto generate daily resource bottleneck capacity.
To propose the capacity plan by the daily resource bottleneck capacity to satisfy the delivery date of customer.
Users can design the MPS priority sequence, manufacturing quantity, and the specific date of manufacturing in the MPS details, to meet certain special request.
Adjusted MPS can be compared with capacity plan to suggest work over-time or by sub-contract.
Can repeatedly calculate the MPS after the adjustment of capacity planning.
Calculate the net demand of each sales order automatically before MPS for the easy determination of manufacturing quantity and minimizing the number of finished goods.
According to items maximum load, auto-generate MPS plan by daily resource bottleneck capacity.
Confirmed MPS and be released as work order automatically.