Material Requirements Planning


System Objectives

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is a final product for the following levels of processing and procurement of spare parts for the scheduling technology This is a kind of scientific materials management and production planning, factory production and management information system the key to the successful operation. 

TURBO MRP system aims to assist the establishment of producing products for each stage of production planning and material procurement painting to ensure that the correct materials in a timely manner and in the required quantity to meet the needs of production, in orders or sales forecast (independent demand) after the production, the factory needs to resolve what parts (dependent), the procurement processing or how much time under purchase orders or production work orders, delivery time and other issues. Therefore, the MRP system can increase the production by inventory turnover and help feed the accuracy. It may also lower production caused by abnormal management costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprises.

System Functions

Auto-generation of production plans of each product level according to the sales forecast or sales order.
Auto-generation of material purchase plan according to the production plan and work order.
Can simulate the production plan or purchase plan for independent or consolidate of factories or warehouses.
Provides factory off-date report which can accurately calculate the actual working days for analyzing the manufacturing date and purchase date. It can also calculate the correct material supply date by the lead time, safety lead time, inspection day and standard batch quantity of assembly parts.
The system can store different editions of mock planning for the convenient of comparing and modifying the material supply of different editions.
The simulation plan interval can be adjusted to suit the changing demand, e.g. by day, by week, by period of days, by month and by season. Users can set the calculation to be by days during the first seven days and by weeks in the following 30 days, and by month in the rest of the days.
When calculating the replenishment of materials, if the original material is out of stock, the system will automatically calculate the picking of substitute items by its priority sequence, increase the inventory turnover rate and reduce the inventory cost and purchase cost.
The system will provide adjustment of work order re-schedule days and purchase re-schedule days suggestions and reports. Users can set the stock-in date earlier than planned by work order or purchase order of certain period request date to avoid re-purchase or re-work order.This is because incomplete order cannot satisfy current demand, waste purchase or manufacturing cost and reduce the chance of producing dead stock.
Users can amend the simulated production plan, purchase plan, reserve plan to provide contingency planning and flexibility to operations.
The system can run different operations by different users simultaneously and run normally when being linked to other systems.
The system can automatically release the approved production plan to the Work Order/Sub-contract module to become a formal work order.
The system can automatically release the approved purchase plan to the Purchase Management module to become a formal work order.
After the approved plan is released, the information of the original demand/supply status and demand/supply detail can still be able to trace back regarding to work order or purchase order to enhance the ease of indoor management.