Order Requirements Planning


System Objectives

60 era tradition and the integrity of the MRP materials plan is to reduce demand for the main purpose of inventory, to a specific material to object to the date of the order, consider stocks, the volume of pedestrians in the system, the distribution volume, When sometime in the future, a time point less than expected inventory 0:00 a.m. orders that have plans, the proposed procurement or production. This algorithm can maximize the benefits of reduced inventory, the congenital defect was all in accordance with the materials together, and multiple types of small batch mode every customer orders will be different, for example, the right material, right packaging requirements, and so on. By the same materials with a product of the merger of all orders unified computing, it is impossible to distinguish between orders The orders do not retroactive, and will not be able to track and monitor the manufacturing process management, only suitable for a large number of early production equipment inventory mode of operation used. 

Even some relatively new MRP system in accordance with the order processing materials requirement planning, come to the production / purchasing plan is the result of an idealized data. When the user on the results of program adjustments, the system will not automatically linked demand for the re-dependent production / purchasing plans they lose the original MRP calculation logic of inter-related. Users must be adjusted later, the production / purchasing plans to distribute, before re-calculation of MRP have rearrangement production / purchasing plan, so circle out, a time-consuming process. If users need to be addressed simultaneously separate from the number of orders production / purchasing plan, during some of the materials used need inter-operability. users must first calculate finished with a hand, after all paid production / purchasing work after another single orders all kinds of difficult and complex reasons for the use of not enough factories and enterprises in the present application. 

But TURBO ORP line with the current needs of the actual design, Its main function is to address flexibility orders for the single or batch by hand to run the timely production and material requirements planning. the main thing is to solve the many varieties of small batch mode sharp single, Chap single problem, change orders, How do we know the status of the existing production issue of the impact of the implementation of orders and tracking how to shorten the delivery cycle, increase orders on time delivery rate and other common problems. Users can designate a separate address several orders of the single-source or automatic generation of its independence [ORP production / purchasing plan], the calculations will also consider the overall supply and demand of MRP and other [ORP production / purchasing plan] -- the same period of time the volume of supply and demand, the demand for calculating the final results, just to be adjusted to meet this demand in the order specified. 

And ORP users in the calculation of the results without first issuing mining / work alone, BOM can be immediately attached the order of adjustment [ORP within the production plan -- "is expected to start date," "production" and "expected material" information to meet practical needs, and after the lock after adjustment for production projects. Total re-existing plan has been adjusted due to the production of items under the project dependent demand reached a "Version 2" [ORP production plan]. In the end, according to the [ORP production plan], users can generate [ORP purchasing plan]. Users can also adjust the “expected delivery date" or "purchase quantity" in [ORP purchasing plan], in order to place the work order and purchase order at the appropriate time. This will keep the execution process coherently. Users also can keep tracking the progress by monitoring the orders, purchasing and manufactory progress, particularly suited for orders base production factories that produce various kinds and small quantities, need to handle urgent orders and orders changes frequently. 

System Functions

The system can execute the ORP simulation of production plan and purchase plan of different factories or warehouses.
Provides factory off-date report which can accurately calculate the actual working days for analyzing the manufacturing date and purchase date. It can also calculate the correct material supply date by the lead time, safety lead time, inspection day and standard batch quantity day of assembly parts.
Based on customer orders, emergency orders, Chap has already launched a single - or single-automatic basis for the order or the next stage of the stage of production / procurement plan. may have been paying / single-after change if the volume of orders after Mao added demand balance.
If a material in MRP is a special material which is relatively more difficult to obtain (like late delivery or long order processing time), users can use ORP to calculate the replenishment of that material while still using MRP to calculate other materials.

May demand approach to the needs of the net or gross requirement production / procurement plan.

Users can amend the auto generated planned production, planned purchase and planned material issue.
Can lock-up the material calculation results of planned production and planned purchase so that the locked-up part will not be included in recalculation.
Can instantly calculate the demand of inserted order and recalculate the plans.
Can separately calculate and combined release of different orders, work orders or plans.
System can automatically release the approved planned production to the Work Order/Sub-contract module to become a formal work order.
The system can automatically release the approved planned purchase to the Purchase Managment module to become a formal purchase requisition or purchase order.
Provides material demand/supply status report in tow formats, segment and detail, to analyse each material future inventory in and out movement and balance.

Facilitate the progress of the production process monitoring Point System, will monitor orders from sales, production planning, material requirements, procurement / receipt / acceptance conditions, the progress of the production line and product delivery processes such as tracking, reduce delivery delays because factories losses.