General Ledger

 .Data is automatically imported from related invoices, payments and stock transactions.

 .Handle up to 99 years of transactions without doing year-end.

 .Support 99 accounting periods per fiscal year with user-defined period start date and end date.

 .Account codes can be set up to 10 characters long and the structure is user defined up to 5 levels and handles multiple currencies per account.

 .Option 5 levels analysis code can be modified and expanded and supports multi-divisions, departments and jobs costing.

 .Convenient budgeting for profit & loss accounts.

 .Standard and audit adjustment journals can be created.

 .Recurring and reversing journals can be created automatically.

 .Provides real-time and batch posting method.

 .Provides un-post function for amendment.

 .All financial reports can be previewed before doing posting function.

 .Option flexible report generator enables you to define financial statement which may contain actual, budgeted, last year, last month or analysis figures.

 .Departments & companies consolidation.

 .Bank reconciliation function is provided.

 .Multilevel drill dopwn account enquiry, which allows you to see all ledgers, current balance, voucher detail and other information.