Account Receivable (A/R), Account Payable (A/P)

 .Customer/Vendor code can be set up to 10 characters long and handles multiple currencies per customer/vendor.

 .Multiple billing/delivery addresses and contact persons can be entered.

 .Warning displayed in invoice entry for customer accounts exceeding the permitted credit limits.

 .Deposit payment, postdate cheque & cheque return, debit/credit notes can be handled.

 .Handles settlement discount for early payment of invoices.

 .The multiple allocation method is provided for the settlement among invoices, debit/credit notes and deposits.

 .Provides contra functions between accounts receivable & account payable systems.

 .Automatic created voucher into general ledger module.

 .Invoices and payments in multiple currencies and gain/loss on exchange rates calculated and posted automatically.

 .Outstanding invoice analysis by invoice data or due date or month and the balance cut off at any date.

 .Flexible aging periods are user defined. For instance, aging could be 30-60-90 or 7-14-21.

 .Statement layouts ca be selected from brought forward or outstanding invoices.

 .Multilevel drill down customer/vendor enquiry, which allows you to see all outstanding invoices, invoice detail, payment detail, outstanding order, order shipment, quotation history and other information.