Inventory Control

 .Maintain stocks of raw material, assembly items, finished goods, kit items and service items.

 .Keep stock in one or more warehouses, and transfer stock between warehouses.

 .Each stock item can be kept in different unit and convert into another unit.

 .Item code can be set up to 18 characters long and unlimited lines or description.

 .Category, brand, bar code, lot number, photos, ABC class and packing/weight information can be set up in each stock item.

 .Color & size functions can be integrated to garments, textiles and shoes manufacturers and distributions.

 .Define multiple substitute items, 3 preferred vendors, purchase lead time, production lead time and daily production rate and other inofrmation for each stock item.

 .Customer item code and vendor item code can assign to stock items optionally.

 .Provides lot/serial number tracking to streamline entry during inventory transactions.

 .Automatic ABC classification by stock usage or cost value.

 .Provides purchase.sales multiple price level. Multiple price and discounts lists can be set up by currencies quantities, units and customers/vendors.

 .Tracking of IQC, materials and finished goods reserved.

 .Value stock by weighted average, FIFO and lot costing.

 .Handles full stock-take and cycle count, price stock-take cards, produce variance reports, and update stock records automatically if required.

 .Multilevel drill down stock enquiry, which allows you to see all on hand, order detail, reserved, vailable quantity, selling price, purchase price and other information.