TurboERP/Deluxe Edition Introduction 


Turbo Deluxe Edition is an ERP program which is simple and easy to operate by user, it integrates function of managing company account, a/c receivable, a/c payable, stock storage and purchase order. Relatively suitable for account, trading and distribution company with small to medium transaction volume. With this streamlined program, user can monitor and manage their work flow comprehensively, from the point of internal account data handling, to the point of stock storage and purchasing. Such effective integrated work flow, you can find it at TurboERP - Deluxe Edition!

Easy Operation of the Great System

 .MDI operation interface allows data-input, enquiry and report printing in one window.

 .Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-user system which all huge amount of digit (price - as large as 9,999,999,999.99, unit price and quantity - as large as 999,999,999.9999, the decimo places of the price and quantity can be chosen from 0 to 4.

 .There is a 5-level user-set analysis coding based on account, department client, vendor, inventory, and production cost.

 .The security system provides 5-level authority for each user: checking, adding, correcting, deleting and printing.

 .Each user can set a series of pull-down menu and visualized flow chart for operation.

 .The visualized flow chart shows the staff the daily operation process. The user can access to the functions you need by one click.

 .Management can check the daily usage of all users from the record in the computer.

 .The language can be switched between Chinese and English in the middle of the operation while Chinese can be divided into Traditional (Big5)and Simplified Chinese(GB).

 .Provides instant enquiry. Users can seach the relative informaiton by entering the relevant code or digit.

 .The system will auto check all alerts set by the users whenever the users start the system(e.g. credit in the bank account, over limit of the clients credit, out of stock, shotage of material, close to shipping date, and problems arise in production process).

 .All transaction documents can deal with more than one docusment number and customized number format.

 .Provides memo of multiple-page and unlimited lines which is attached on all main file and all transaction records.

 .Provides multiple-levelenquiry function and users can search for detail in any record.

 .Provides more than 500 standard and customized management analysis report for the convenient analysis.

 .Every report can have multiple placing and key choice printing analysis.

 .All documents and reports can be exported to the monitors, printers, fax machines, e-mails and the format can be changed to Word, Excel, and HTML, etc.

 .Company trademark can be added into all documents while photo can be added onto the price list.

 .Manage the data transaction between China and Hong Kong.

 .Users can manage the order and inventory through internet, Palm/Pocket PC and WAP.