TurboERP/Ultimate Edition Introduction


Turbo Ultimate Edition is an advanced version of Turbo Deluxe Edition, besides the basic functions of Deluxe Edition, it also equipped with stronger functions like multi- level approval, data secure authority, intelligent early warning monitoring reminder and cross-boundaries remote control. It relatively suitable for medium to large scale production and combined production company, for example: the industries of electronics, watches, electric appliances, toys, gifts, ironware, plastic, machinery processing. The productions of food, chemical, medicines are also taken into account with mature and professional solution. Furthermore, one of the modules of Ultimate Edition- TurboERP/Trade is especially suitable for export/import trading company. Nowadays, we have provided more than 3000 clients from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Japan etc, with comprehensive solution system.

User-friendly Operation & Inquiry Interface

1. UniCode International Language: User can use Traditional/Simplified Chinese/English switching through the operation interface. While using the UniCode ISO international standard code storage, users can input Traditional, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and all sorts of worldwide language at the same time. This system can also be used in Windows in different languages while no coding disorder would occur. Thus it is best fit for the need of globalization development in different enterprises.
2. Self-constituted Graphical Visual SOP: The system is constructed with more than 800 functions with Visual SOP. Users can easily understand the operation and linkage of the system through the system flow chart. Users can also self-constitute the operation interface and add the daily functions into the personal flow chart which can enhance the operation efficiency.
3. Self-instituted Key-in Field The system provides the following functions about key-in field: field increasing/decreasing, permutation, size adjustment, etc. The system can also switch into Card-view for easy visualizing. Furthermore, users can create specific fields for particular functions like the share of additional cost, packaging amount in two digits, and the consumption tax of Hong Kong (GST) in future, etc.
4. Auto-encoding: The function of Auto-encoding including items, customers and venders encoding which convenience the process by following the default “encoding principles” automatically which will prevent chaos about different codes for the same product which may lead to chaotic situation in stock to happen.
5. Attachment: Users can attach unlimited vouchers or information in whatever format while CAD figure would act as the supplementary memo. Users can click the file to carry out the relevant program.

Copy Function: Users can set up the template of all kinds of dockets or basic information in advance for adding modes and the function of comprehensive copying. This function can decrease the time for continual data entering and promote the efficiency.


7. “Paperless” Office: By clicking a button, all papers can switch to PDF format and send to the client through Outlook e-mail in order to achieve “Paperless Office”. For the convenience of sending and sharing, all forms can be changed into the format of Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, XML, E-mail, etc.
8. Importing/Exporting Information: Information in different formats (e.g. Excel, XML, TXT, etc.) can be imported/exported without obstruction which is beneficial for information ordering and compromising with other software.
9. RTF Format: RTF format is used in memo field to change the font size, colors, underlining, etc, to reinforce the reminder function.


10. Data Browse: The unique “Date Browse” function allows users to add the signs of equal, unequal, larger, smaller, similar, dissimilar, etc. as the sifting conditions. Moreover, the outcome of the data browsing can be used as reordering in any fields, multi-section browsing or correcting individually.
11. Order Tracing: Phrase in any field of an order can be used as the base for order tracing which will also provide the functions of upward source tracing and downward tracing.


12. Drill Down: The content detail can be drilled down by clicking the order number of any inquiry frame.
13. One-stop History Inquiry: The historical trading transactions of including purchasing, selling and subcontract production can be found by the function of “One-stop History Inquiry”.


Security & Monitoring Reminder

1. Data Secure Authority: The function of rigorous data reading authority is provided apart from the basic password entering and usage authority. Users can categorize if group of the staff can or cannot read the information other staff have keyed in. Therefore, the data can be shared easily and securely.
2. System Operation Journal:  For the deleted or modified information, users can investigate the name and date of the client through the integrated system operation journal.
3. Multi-level Verification: Every Order can be divided into multi-group which provides independent and flexible user rights, verification, price approval, and auto-verification, etc., aiming at asuring the aorrectness of data.
4. Intelligent Early Warning Monitoring Reminder: Users can set up different reminders. For example: out of stock, over credit limit, overcharge/undercharge, overdue warning for purchase/delivery/ordering/original delivery, early or late purchasing delivery follow-up, insufficient materials, change of materials, etc. Alert can be sent to relative staff as a reminder through E-mail/SMS/Intranet to prevent making mistake on control.

Revolutionery Technology

1. 3-Tier: Most suitable for remote-access ERP system. Using Oracle or SQL Server large-scale database, remote-access system is much better than 2-Tier Client Server. The User Interface of 3-Tier, Application Layer in the middle and Database at the bottom can differentiate each other’s functional domain and be managed individually.


2. Background Server Application:  Background Server functions (e.g. calculation of MRP, accounting transaction, etc) are provided. Users can set up the form ordering in advance where only the time for parameter is needed to be defaulted, forms can be created on the default date and be sent to the clients through internet or PDA phones. Enterprise can also calculate the MRP and production cost during non-lunch hour which can save the system resources and time that client spends on waiting.
3. Movable Analyzing Form/Graphic Production Tool: The system provides more than 400 forms which include not only movable analyzing form and graphic production tool, but also the functions of adding/decreasing fields, spaces, change of fonts, and sequencing. Moreover, users can cut and paste automatically from forms with multiple fields provided. Furthermore, forms provided are strengthened which allows users to pull the outcome on the screen to undergo multi-group searching, sequencing, subtotal and average calculation. Any data (e.g. client, vender, period of time, product, category, brand, amount, price, etc.) can be analyzed and put into different plans or 3-D graphs for printing.


4. Enterprise Internal Communication Centre: Message can be sent internally with attachment. Memo board clipping memos or message sent through SMS can also be developed. Order number can be attached on the message sent out from the communication centre which is beneficial for checking, modifying or verifying, by clicking the number. Moreover, the message can be sent to other management members for second verification or notice of verification complete.

Complete Sales/Purchase/Inventory/Financial Integrated System

1. CRM Management: Sales can record and analyze the message and dealing process with the client.


2. Sales Management:  Provide sales process and clients’ credit assessment and verification management, head office unify the checking of credit quota, forecast of sales, consideration of promotion’s effect, reimbursement control and account receivable control. Credit quota can be individually calculated based on sales order, sales slip, sales invoice, deposit, post-dated cheque. Apart from the ordinary sales mode, the system also supports trading mode and distribution mode. The trading mode can create the purchase order automatically, deposit invoice and gross profit estimation. The distribution mode, on the other hand, provides free amount, combination product, and control on over-delivery and password access, discount without restriction or extra charge. The sales can be shared-out based on amount, weight, volume and price.
3. Purchasing Management:  Provide purchase procedure like price enquiry, price comparison, purchase, temporary good receives, check on delivery, restriction on over-delivery and password access. Throughout the process, venders will be sifted out and verify the function, examine the manifestation of suppliers, cost control in account payable. Provide free valuation amount, unlimited discount and additional fee. The cost can be shared-out based on amount, weight, volume and price.
4. Checked Price Automatic Update: Unit price on sales/purchase order can be set as standard unit price, group unit price, client/vender unit price, quantity price, and unit price upon expire date. The verified price can be updated automatically by the confirmed sales/purchase unit price and keep the information in price main folder as the latest one.


5. Inventory Management:  Provide the best stock and material planning, bad material management, borrow-in/lend out stock management, borrow-to-purchase/lend-to-sales, material flow management, provide project material set-up in development department, support the batch number tracing management required by ISO9001. Food or chemical expire date management, serial number management, shorthand coding, clients’ item coding, vender’s item coding, bar code management. Support amount of save stock, maximum stock, item replenish point, economic amount of purchase, MRP/ORP etc.
6. Physical Count:  Circulate count, complete set of stock-take, lot no. stock-take inventory, zone/bin inventory, and RFID.
7. Account Management: Provide the comparison between the accounts of different departments, analyzing item, and financial budgets.Provide international and China accounting systems. Real time transaction and batch transaction to create 1 to 1 or X to 1 voucher draft which will become account voucher only after the accountant has verify the invoice with the voucher draft.


8. Purchase/Sales/Manufacturing Tree Diagram for Order Tracing:  Order enquiry in tree-diagram is provided.Order about sales/purchase/manufacturing can be investigated in one task and be shown in the form of a tree-diagram to assist user to operate smoothly from ordering to purchasing, goods receive/return, account payable payment, and; from ordering to delivery. Invoice, account receivable, and payment collect record. Orders in factories can be traced from material requisite/return to change of techniques on production line, original equipment manufacturing, original good receive, stock record etc.

Flexible Manufacturing Management

1. Multi-Factory Management: MRP calculation is provided with multi-stock and multi-storing-space product management. In-stock/out-stock control for particular warehouse can be done.


2. BOM Management:  The system provides the material set up and verification of E-BOM, standard BOM, purchase order BOM and job order BOM. There are functions of structure edition, rate of fine product, wastage rate, substitution rate, virtual item, selected item, attachment, effective/expire date, individual technical material, combined/deconstructed product, BOM direct production ordering, etc.
3. RoHS & WEEE: Combine the agreed elements, suppliers, BOM and purchase data of ERP system and RoHS & WEEE and provide relative standard MDF and TDF.


4. Urgent Order:  MPS and RCCP can be calculated based on sales order and sales forecast. CRP of every production center can also be calculated at the same time.
5. MRP Multi-version Simulated Planning:  Provide the calculation of virtual plan on daily, monthly or annually bases and consider the advance amount of production and purchase. It flavors the resource controller to create the most suitable plan for purchasing and production orders.
6. OEM Manufacturing Resource Management:  Focusing on OME production, productions upon clients’ requests, urgent order, insert order, original production order, etc., as the production of manufacturing form, the system provide flexible and practical ORP production material calculation system. In this way, the problems of missing order, late delivery and difficulties in tracing order, can be solved.
7. Work Order Material Issue Returning:  Cost repartition can be done on internal production order, original order and order by-product. Material distribution can cover the distribution of whole material, fragmentary material, replenish material, material provided by subcontractors or clients, invert material and material return.
8. Shop Floor Control:  Provide the switch operation options, procedures, production time record of “Project Finished”, “Return for Finishing”, etc. inside or outside the factory. Moreover, urgent adding of workmanship in the middle of the process is also supported. When the product is delivered from the original producers, the system will automatically add the relative information to the processing charges in account payable and general ledger.
9. QL Quality Management:  IQC, IPQC, PQC and FQC which are relative to MIL-STD-105D random checking program can determine the checking procedure, category, standard, shortage level and criterion for different products.
10. Amend Material Alert Prompt:  Message about change of production material will be sent automatically to development, purchase and production departments; and will be auto-modified which can prevent misunderstanding between different departments.
11. Factory Procedure Monitoring:  The system allows the users to monitor the sales ordering, production planning, material allocation, purchase/product arrival/inspection, production line work flow and delivery. This may decrease the loss due to delivery delay and shorten the feedback time to clients, so as to enhance the satisfactory of clients.