Purchase Module



System Objectives

Nowadays the enterprises are facing the double challenge of diversification and personalization of wants while the purchase and supply of materials should satisfy the need for diversification and high-quality. For manufacturers, production for sales and purcahse for production is a closly related input-output cycle. In this process, Purchase flowchart, production flow chart and sales flow chart are produced. From the point of view of logistic, the success of purchase would directly affect the cost of production, prices of sales, and the profit after the finishing of the supply chain.

The purchase department is responsible for setting reasonable order quantity, choosing the best vendor and keeing the safest storage etc. Moreover, it should be able to supply instand information of puchase and delivery, tracing and expediting buy-in and sub-contract material, and garantee the on time delivery. To build up vendor file by using the latest cost information to modify the inventory cost.

  a. Vendor Enquiry (Enquiry of Vendor Ability and Creditbility)
  b. Product Expeditation (Expeditation of But-in and Sub-contract Material)
  c. Purchase & Subcontract Statistics (Statistics, building up files and cost calculation)
  d. Price Analysis (Material Price Analysis; Modification of Cost)

System Functions

Provides sales process and clients credit verification control. The company can unify the credit limit control, sales forecast, factors for sales decision making, payment-receivable control, and account receivable control. credit limit can be calculated individually according to sales order, sales invoice, deposit and dated cheques. Apart from ordinary sales, the system also supports trading while purchase order, deposit invoice, gross profit forecast can also be seen. Distribution mode provides free amount, set-product, overshipping and password access, unlimited discount and additional fee. Users can also make sales sharing according to amount, weight, size and price.

Provides the control on customer information and contrac information. Users can input unlimited addresses and contact person information. It can be classified in multi-level or multi-grouping. Different statements (daily statement, monthly statement and customized statement) can be used. Other functions like order inclusion to head office, types of tax, multi-currency, customized field, language of order content, language of order printing, and customer verification, etc. The users can attach files or graphics of any format as memo. Credit level is calculated according to delay payment rate. Users can also consider the sales placings and sales rate for the importance of certain client by the Client ABC Analysis report. Clients can also set to be the vendors for contra accounts settlement.
Credit limit calculation and the checking of this calculation can be unified by the head office. The users can individually set the calculation of order in hand, unclosed sales order, accounts receivable, dated-cheque and deposit, etc.
Provides independent product code according to different sales price, weight price, price with or without tax and the recent sales price. Moreover, users can refer to the effective date and invalid date for sales.

In addition, the computerization of operations, each customer price products of nuclear information nature of the documents to set up operations by setting up automatic invoice or sales orders or sales delivery notes on the importation of nuclear automatically update price to the price files.

Users settings in a document can set different single individual, the individual will only provide independent flexibility of authority Multi-level parallel / programs on trial and the amount of audit practices, automatic checking function, corresponding documentation factory different responsibilities of the audit requirements, strengthen internal information management, to ensure accuracy. all operations can be set upon the completion of the work, through internal communication center, SMS, e-mail to the staff signed, When management received the message, only one click of a button will go to the related documentation for inspection and audit changes, a further transmitted to other management staff re-examine or second reply users complete audit notice.

Provides transactions like order, sales, sales-return, allowance transaction, etc.; that can be updated instantly online. Therefore, the latest information of order, sales and inventory can be maintained for checking anytime. Moreover, the sales history can also be stored for checking.

While building up the Sales Delivery information, quotation, sales order, lending note will also be created. Apart from normal delivery amount, groups delivery and free quantity can also be organized. Bill quantity can also be saved as A/R information. For Outstanding Sales order, Assign Completion can be done.

To coordinate with assembly component sales and allow ordering and sales created by single level BOM and bottom level BOM.

When the users are inputting purchase order or sales order, they can check the clients credit data and product stock online. If either one is insufficient, the computer can auto-set the argument about determining if still ship out the product if there is inadequate. Moreover, customers product code can be printed on the order for checking convenience of account checking. For the clients whore credit access or below standard, authorized users can approve them by entering password or swiping the smart card.
Provides clients contact address printing as mailing address labels.
Provides instant transaction of every client, amount of order on hand, delivery date and transaction history; for reminding delivery for sales department to prevent late delivery.
Orders can be searched by part of the keywords in any field while upward and downward searchings are also provided.
Users can "drill down" the detail information of the whole order by one click on Enquiry Frame of any order.
Through the function of one-stop "Quick Search of history transaction" to check all transaction order including purchase/sales/subcontract price etc.

Provides tree-diagram of order-tracing. Information of sales and purchase can be traced in one click and be listed out in tree and branch shape. This helps users to enquire from order to purchase, goods receive, accounts payable, payment, delivery, goods return, and receive payment etc.

Can auto-change the Sales/Sales Return Note date to A/R information. User need not to re-input the date in A/R control center.