Sales Invoice

 .Delivery Note/Invoice data is automatically imported from more than one related quotations or sales orders. Entering an invoice decreases the on-hand quantitoes in individual warehouse.

 .Customer item code for sales invoice printing.

 .Packing List data automatically import from sales invoice.

 .Warning displayed in sales invoice entry for customer accounts exceeding the permitted credit limits and out of stock.

 .Real-time and batch invoice posting optionally provided.

 .On-line preview function provided for viewing updated quotation history, invoice history, on hand quantity of individual warehouse, on order quantity and reserved quantity.

 .Multiple mailing addresses, delivery addresses and contact persons during delivery note/invoice entry.

 .Area code can be input in delivery note for grouping the same delivery area.

 .Automatic pricing incorporating customer/product or quantity discounts and special price, with optional manual override.

 .Multi-currency invoicing with currency and quantity-sensitive contact pricing.

 .Invoice can allow imput 3 levels stock item discount, moreover, 3 levels document discount and 5 levels miscellaneous charge on each invoice.

 .Provides the statistics of salesmen turnover for calculating commission.

 .Multilevel drill down customer/vendor enquiry, which allows you to see all outstanding invoices, invoice detail, payment detail, outstanding order, order shipment, quotation history and other information.