.System can be linked to TURBO ERP to handle inventory, purchase, sales and general ledger etc.

 .Trading information can be sent from shop to headquater automatically

 .Can be linked to internet to handle wireless online shopping system through online shops and palm.

 .Sales invoice can be operated by mouse and keyboard to improve the efficiency.

 .Functions of cash invoice, deposit invoice, invoice cancel and sales return etc.

 .In the middle of creating invoice, operators can save the incomplete invoice temporarily and create another new invoice. The incomplete invoice can be restored and continued at anytime.

 .Users can quick view the relevant information by inputing the item code, barcode, or the first few characters.

 .According to users of the imported kit number, automatic combination of the complementary other components into a complete commodity

 .The price and quantity of products can be checked in the sales process

 .Provide different settings of promotional discount or gifts

 .Able to handle the price for different unit/weight

 .Product list price and discount setting base on different quantity

 .Setting "mixed matching" sales model, handle more than the same goods at special sales prices (for example, $ 4.00 for 1, $ 10.00 for 3)

 .Able to carry out the sales system of "Buy Product A (particular amount) get Product B for free"

 .Handling VIP discount

 .Handling discount for certain period

 .User can preset the payment mode. Clients can pay by different currencies, e.g., cash, credit card, coupon, US dollars or RMB etc.

 .More sales per end, "cashier settlement statements" with the actual settlement of cash, credit cards, other currencies, such as the number of functional

 .Stock-take and Auto-reorder functions

 .More than 100 species of sales analysis report available, through the choices of products numbers, types, brands, branch, sales or VIP Member (VIP) of the individual data clearly show the status of gross profit, net sales and sales volume

 .The security enables users to set up log-in ID, password and authority

 .Operation of POS system can be done by connecting to computer or Touch Screen

 .Can be linked to electronic cashier and receipt printer