Rental Billing

 .Tenants code is combined by 10 digits which allows multi-currency in transaction record.

 .Records base on different districts, estates, buildings, land, proprietor, tenant, tenants deposit, types of account, and period of rent remittance, etc.

 .Set up the area, estate, building, district, rental conditions, graphs, rent (per month/day), management fee and analysis code, etc.

 .Debit note accounts under the category classification, and immediately printed automatically debit note, enables users to more quickly and effectively deal with different properties / units rent accounts.

 .Credit note can print in the formet of carry-on balance or balance due.

 .Provide instant or verified transaction.

 .Simplify the transaction of rent, management fee and other cost through auto-pay to post all accounts to relevant account books.

 .Function of Overdue and Statement printing.

 .Handle Dated-cheque, Return-cheque, debit and loan advice note.

 .Invoice and transaction will be run automatically in G/L after the deal is done.

 .Users can set up their own aging statements cycle.

 .Users can set up their own aging statements cycle. For example : aging time in 30 -60-90 or 7-14-21 for analysis.

 .Tenant Removal Report can be printed six months prior to the removal date

 .Multi-level inquiry tenants search function that allows users to be able to more clearly see all the shortfall debit note. debit note details of receivables details and other information.

 .Multi-level search property / unit inquiry function, users can immediately see information on rental housing, lease details, location, Seaview whether senior or renovated units and other information.